Shoppers' Council

Frequently Asked Questions

In July of 2006, Charitable Union formed a new alliance with its clients.
With the goal of providing a vehicle for clients to voice their concerns,
make suggestions and to form better relationships with its clients the
Shoppers' Council was born. The Council, which meets monthly, is made
up of both interested clients and Charitable Union management staff

One of the goals of Charitable Union leadership is to be a resource to
help other clients build better futures for themselves and their families.
Each member of the Shoppers' Council helps to bring that about by
sharing their own stories, talents and expertise.

As special needs arise, it is our goal to have a Shoppers' Council member
help clients "walk through" the often cumbersome bureaucracy that exists.
Recently, one of the Shoppers' Council members met with a client who
hopes to go back to school. The client did not know how to fill out the
FASFA forms to apply for financial aid. With the help of our Council
member, that client is hopeful that college will be in his future.

Always with an eye on improving our services to all clients, we share
ideas on how we can better operate in today's difficult economic reality.
We hope that if you have a special need we will be able to assist you in
finding a solution.

The council is made up of individuals from all walks of life; with all sorts of
stories. But with all of the differences, there is one common goal: to help
those in need and to better serve clients.

Since the Council was formed some of its achievements have been: to
administer a shoppers' questionnaire which helped us come to the
decision to no longer have color coded shopping days; the members of
the Council have volunteered their time and talents not only here but at
many events within the community. These folks have given many hours of
their time to ensure that the mission of the Charitable Union continues
into the future.

If you would like to be a member of the Shoppers' Council, please contact
Tammy at 964-7234 ext 108 or Tammy's email