Clothing for Kids

Since 1887, we have provided clothing to children and families in need. Charitable Union was founded because a group of ecumenical women saw children on the street during school hours and asked them why they were not in school. The youth responded that they were laughed at in school because of their clothes. This group of women came together and helped those children by collecting and distributing appropriate school clothes.

The lives of those children were changed because of the caring support of our early founders. The idea of making it possible for those youngsters to attend school with appropriate clothes helped them to not feel 'different' from their schoolmates.

We believe that the last thing a child should have to worry about is what to wear to school. Children face great pressure when it comes to fitting in, expressing themselves and "dressing cool" for school.

School Is Serious Business

Research shows a link between a student's appearance and their teachers' expectations. Studies also show that there is a correlation between how students dress and their behavior. Too many school administrators are forced to spend time as "fashion police," when school is for learning. School is serious business, and students must dress for "the job." It is, so to speak, their first "professional role" in life. Help them dress for success.

Clients may shop in our "free store" monthly for clothing that is appropriate for school. Additionally, in August we provide a Back-to-school packet for children that provides a new or gently used outfit, new socks and underwear.