Donating Clothing

Charitable Union helps families and veterans in Battle Creek by providing free clothing, work shoes and household items to those in need. Even a small donation makes a big difference in the lives of many. Please consider donating any clothes, shoes or household items you don’t have a use for anymore and we’ll make sure they end up in good hands.

As the seasons change, our need for back-to-school clothes continues to grow. If you have clothing items from last year that don’t fit your kids anymore, we’d love to be able to pass those items on to kids who would love to wear them.

Donate Children's Clothing

Each month a client may shop for appropriate clothing for their growing children. In August we offer back-to-school clothing for children. Your donation can help a young child grow in self-esteem. Clothing appropriate for both school and play are needed. Such as:

Donate Clothing for Babies

Donate Men's Clothing

One of the more challenging areas of our client store is keeping the men's clothing stocked. From work clothes to dress suits there always seems to to be little from which to choose. Our greatest needs are new or gently used: